Elber’s Food Products

Mobile Number: 0935-400-4761

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Elbers-Food-Products-102235257868998/

Address: Purok 4, Cabulay Santiago City Isabela, Philippines 3311

Email: ammoyaelber@gmail.com

Elber’s Food Products Value Proposition ensures that all products are meticulously prepared to ensure standard quality and safety of customers. Continuous product innovation to satisfy customer’s needs and wants.

“Elber’s Food Products are dedicated to caretaking our customers with precise and methodical service.

We are rigorously scheduled and organized. You can expect definitive maintenance calendars and detailed communications to our customers.

We are as efficient with your energy and your expenditures as we are with our own. Rest easy. We are on watch.”

Elbers’s Food Products started the little business when the children of the Owner (Elmer Ammoya) is still young. Elber’s Food Products regularly supply its neighbourhood and schools and Sari-Sari Stores in Towns of Ramon, Cordon, and Santiago City, Isabela Philippines. Elber’s Food Products registered the business at Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) on October 23, 2018. Through collaborating with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) I Attended many Seminars and Trainings and it helps the business. Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) helps me also to improve my labelling with the products. The Business also tried to join local trade fairs that helps the business to grow its sales.