Where to use Peanut

peanutDon’t get us wrong: perfectly wonderful use of peanuts is peanut butter. It’s just such notable item that it overshadows many of the other good peanut coups that can occur in the kitchen, and so today is day to celebrate those other wonderful dishes.



1. Soup It Up

To dissolve a little peanut butter into a broth, add some roasted and crushed nuts as a topping for a rich and nutritious soup, and for a double dose of peanuts.

2. Get Saucy with Them

It is deceptively simple to make a good peanut sauce and works well over pasta, rice, quinoa, or virtually any vegetable. Peanut sauces are crowd delights, adding a bit of decadence to dietary staples otherwise run-of – the-mill.

3. Toss Them Along

They work in soup, they work in sauce, and to some very delicious salads they certainly add some funk. They can help make dressings, sprinkle them on top, or do both. Then again, they can just be toasted and thrown away.

4. Serve Something Sweet

Peanut butter is synonymous with sweet things very commonly: chocolate, jelly, fruit. But don’t forget that straight peanuts are also making a dandy treat, say crumbling over a piece of serious snickers.

5. Make More Milk

Because almonds can do that, and soybeans can do that; why can’t peanuts then? A handful of unsalted peanuts can turn into a homespun glass of peanut milk with a rather simplistic procedure — simply soaking and mixing with ice.



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