Sugar Benefits

Sugar: Polvoron and Pastillas Main Ingredient

sugar benefits

Sugar is always categorized as an enemy to our health. But did you know that sugar also has health benefits. It is true that sugar can gain weight and many other ailments, but it is also true that sugar also needs our body to grow healthy.

You cannot deny that sugar gives you instant energy. Sugar can have health benefits and can be beneficial to us.

Instant Energy – When sugar enters our blood, it can turn glucose into the simplest form of sugar. Then glucose is absorbed by the body’s cells and produces energy. If you are extremely tired after a long day of physical labor, sugar is the best way to give you energy. Some people in sports carry sugar blocks in their pockets so they can get some immediate energy.

Those with low Blood Pressure – People suffering from low blood pressure are advised to bring sugar at all times. Having sugar can raise your blood pressure right away. If you are about to lose your vision because of low blood pressure, just eat some sugar.

It is the sugar that affects our brain – Our brain cannot function without sugar. Did you know we have blackouts? this is due to the lack of sugar supply. So the benefits of sugar to our health are included in the proper functioning of our brain. However excess sugar has a detrimental effect on our brain so do not overdo it with sugar.

Sugar is a therapy – Some physicians believe that sugar can cure wounds faster than modern medicine. Some wounds can cure sugar faster than antibiotics.

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