How Peanuts Grow

How Peanuts Grow

Unlike most of the plants, the peanuts plant flowers above the ground, but fruits below ground.

  • Depending on the type and variety of the peanut. From planting to harvesting. The growing cycle of a peanuts takes 4 to 5 months.
  • Sustainability of resources, communities and family are top priorities for USA peanut farmers.
  • Learn about how peanut grow and go from the farm to your pantry in our Journey of a Peanut Butter Jar series.


Seedlings Crack the Soil

Peanut seedlings rise out of the soil about 10 days after planting. They grow into a green oval-leafed plant about 18 inches tall. Unlike most plants, the peanut plant flowers above the ground, but fruits below ground.

Flowers Appear

Yellow flowers emerge around the lower portion of the plant about 40 days after planting. When the flowers pollinate themselves, the petals fall off as the peanut ovary begins to form.

Farmers Harvest 140 to 150 Days After Planting.

When the plant has matured and the peanuts are ready for harvest, the farmer waits until the soil is not too wet or too dry before digging. When conditions are right, he or she drives a digger up and down the green rows of peanut plants. The digger pulls up the plant, gently shakes off any lingering soil, rotates the plant and lays it back down in a “windrow”—with peanuts up and leaves down.



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